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Emission may refer to: Emission of chemical products: Emission of air pollutants, notably: Flue gas, gas exiting to the atmosphere via a flue; Exhaust gas, flue ...

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Emission definition, an act or instance of emitting: the emission of poisonous fumes. See more.

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Pie chart of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector in 2014. 30 percent Total Emissions in 2014 = 6,870 Million Metric Tons of CO2 equivalent

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A substance discharged into the air, especially by an internal combustion engine. [Latin ēmissiō, ēmissiōn-, a sending out, from ēmissus, past participle of ...

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First attested in 1607. From Middle French émission, from Latin ēmissiō (“ sending forth”), from ēmittō (“send out”), from ex (“from, out of”) + mittō (“send”) .

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Parties with commitments under the Kyoto Protocol (Annex B Parties) have accepted targets for limiting or reducing emissions. These targets are expressed as ...

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Emissions includes news stories on devices that produce air pollutants and greenhouse gasses (GHGs), power management solutions that lead to the reduction ...

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Definition of emission: Pollution (including noise, heat, and radiation) discharged into the atmosphere by residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

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EDGAR, home page of the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research.

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Under the Effort Sharing Decision, Member States are required to limit their greenhouse gas emissions between 2013 and 2020 by meeting binding annual ...

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the act of producing or sending out something (such as energy or gas) from a source. : something sent out or given off. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's ...

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Aug 9, 2016 ... Global GHG emissions by gas: 65% is from carbon dioxide fossil fuel use and Source: IPCC (2014) Exit based on global emissions from 2010.

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emission meaning, definition, what is emission: the act of sending out gas, heat, light, etc.: . Learn more.