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The emission spectrum of a chemical element or chemical compound is the spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation emitted due to an atom or ...

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emission spectrum
the spectrum formed by electromagnetic radiations emitted by a given source, characteristic of the source and the type of excitation inducing the radiations.
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Emission spectrum definition, the spectrum formed by electromagnetic radiations emitted by a given source, characteristic of the source and the type of excitation ...

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The spectrum of bright lines, bands, or continuous radiation characteristic of and determined by a specific emitting substance subjected to a specific kind of ...

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Emission Spectrum Definition. 2. Why Is the Sun Yellow? 3. Spectroscopy Introduction. 4. Why Wintergreen Lifesavers Spark in the Dark - … 5. What Causes the ...

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The light is emitted as a continuous spectrum of all frequencies, but the ... Hotter objects, such as the tungsten filament of an electric lamp, the sun, or an open ...

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Aug 13, 2004 ... Re: Continuous V's Line Spectra ... elements, tungsten for instance, produce a continuous spectrum whilst others, zinc/cadmium, produce line spectra. ... The emission from such bulbs which we call incandescence is, as you ...

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A dark-line, or absorption, spectrum is the reverse of a bright-line spectrum; it is produced when white light containing all frequencies passes through a gas not ...

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Q: HOW does the line emission spectrum of hydrogen provide ... - Quo...
A: When an electron in an hydrogen atom is somehow excited to a higher level, say n=1 to n=2, it wants to return back to its level of origin, in this case ..... Read More »
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Q: Why does hydrogen's emission spectrum have four lines if hydr...
A: My assumption here is that whenever you apply energy to an element, the ... The electron energy of a hydrogen atom can be calculated by the formula below ... Read More »
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Q: What's the difference between an atomic emission spectrum and...
A: Photons have pretty boring lives. They are born, live, and die, all at the same moment of time in their reference frame. They move at the [fixed] speed ..... Read More »
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Q: Explain how the understanding of atomic emission spectrum led to ...
A: Bohr analyzed the atomic emission spectrum of hydrogen and showed mathematically that this was the result of movement of e- from a specific ... Read More »
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Q: Does an emission spectrum only occur when electrons change ...
A: Emission spectrums occur when electrons move from higher energy states to ... Any structure which has excited energy states can emit energy, and in many cases... Read More »
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