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Near Ecuador's Mt. Tungurahua, there is a scientific observation station that includes a very photogenic swing that is known as the Swing at the End of the World. This swing, which...

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Why does the sun go on shining
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End of the world

End of the world or It's the End of the World may refer to: End of the world ( civilization), various types of events that threaten to destroy or cripple human ...

Blood moon has some expecting end of the world -

1 day ago ... A lunar eclipse, called a "blood moon" by some, is due September 27 and believed by some to be sign of the end.
Lately, Herzog seems to exist first and foremost as a personality: take his infamous rescue of Joaquin Phoenix , or the time he was shot at at during an on-camera interview. Then, there are this year's seemingly random appearances in front of the camera: Herzog plays a... More »
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End of world prophecy: Asteroid due September when ...

1 day ago ... SIX huge asteroids ARE coming our way as doommongers insist world will end in FOUR weeks. CONSPIRACY theorists and doom prophets ...

The End of the World | Flash Videos - Albino Blacksheep

Ruling out the icecaps melting, a meteor becoming crashed into us, the ozone layer leaving, and the Sun exploding, we're definitely going to blow ourselves up.

End of the World | - Today's Christian News Online

ISIS Document Says Caliphate Will Bring About the 'End of the World,' 'Behead Every Last Person Who Rebels Against Allah'. By Samuel Smith on August 04, ...

'Blood moon' has some expecting end of the world |

1 day ago ... (KRON/CNN) — “Blood moon” is a term to describe a lunar eclipse, but the celestial event scheduled to dominate the night sky later this month ...

Supermoons and rising tides – the end of the world is nigh?

3 days ago ... Be prepared for something extraordinary on the night of 27 to 28 September: both the brightest full Moon of the year – and the dimmest full ...

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Q: How to Not Fear the End of the World:
A: Realize that thus far, the "end of the world" predictions have proved to be false. There have been literally hundreds of these predictions from religious figure... Read More »
Q: Will there be a End of the World?
A: Nobody knows but god! Read More »
Q: What is the end of the world?
A: Common usage of the phrase is that human civilization will fall back to a primitive state or that all human life will be eradicated in disaster. Many "end of wo... Read More »
Q: When is the end of th world?
A: In 2012 december 21,25 or 31 In 2012 december 21,25 or 31 Read More »
Q: Is the end of the world?
A: Over the centuries, there have been many predictions about when the end of the world wou... Read More »