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Etruscan civilization


The Etruscan civilization is the modern name given to a powerful, wealthy and refined, though little known civilization of ancient Italy in the area corresponding ...

The Mysterious Etruscans - Pre-Roman Civilisation in Italy


Illustrated introduction to various aspects of Etruscan life, art, and heritage.

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The Etruscans were a highly civilized people of northern Italy who thrived between about 750 BC and 250 BC, when they came under the rule of Rome.

Who Were the Etruscans? (Tyrrhenians) - Ancient/Classical History


The Etruscans, who lived in Etruria, were known as Tyrrhenians by the Greeks. They were at their height in Italy from the 8th to the 5th century B.C..

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Etruscans. Etruscan culture developed in northern and central Italy after ca 800 BC without a serious break out of the preceding Villanovan culture.

Etruscan Culture, Religion, and Art - History Travels with Nancy


Etruscan culture, religion,and art: a violent society produced beautiful art, a mysterious religion, but left no written language.

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Etruscans - the people who ruled Italy before the Romans did.

The enigma of Italy's ancient Etruscans is finally unravelled | World ...


Jun 18, 2007 ... The Bride and the Bridegroom, one of the great Etruscan works of art ... Yet the Etruscans, whose descendants today live in central Italy, have ...

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Etruscan, member of an ancient people of Etruria, Italy, between the Tiber and Arno rivers west and south of the Apennines, whose urban civilization reached its  ...

Ancient Scripts: Etruscan


The Etruscans were the first people in the Italic peninsula to learn to write. They adopted the Euboean Greek alphabet, and from them writing spread to other ...

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The Etruscans, an introduction | Etruscan | Art of the ancient ...


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The Etruscans occupied the region to the north of Rome, between the Arno and Tiber Rivers to the west of the Apennine Mountains. The Romans were first a ...

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While some 13000 Etruscan texts exist, most of these are very short. Consequently, much of what we know about the Etruscans comes not from historical ...