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Cardiac reserve refers to the difference between the rate at which the heart pumps blood and its maximum capacity for pumping blood at any given time.

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Looking for online definition of cardiac reserve in the Medical Dictionary? cardiac reserve explanation free. What is cardiac reserve? Meaning of cardiac reserve ...

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Medical definition of cardiac reserve: the difference between the rate at which a heart pumps blood at a particular time and its maximum capacity for pumping ...

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Define cardiac work • Define mechanical efficiency of the heart. • Define cardiac reserve, • List its parameters and limitations. • Explain the mechanism of cardiac ...

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Medical definition for the term 'cardiac reserve' ... the myocardium and the degree to which, within physiologic limits, the cardiac muscle fibers can be stretched ...

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reserve in humans. Cardiac reserve decreases with age and is impaired both in severe heart disease and during progression of myocardial dysfunction in rats.

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At rest, the heart of an average person pumps approximately five liters of blood per minute (cardiac output). The cardiac output can increase dramatically when ...

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In a myocardial infarction, there is prolonged coronary blockage that leads to cell death. .... Decline in cardiac reserve occurs due to a decline in efficiency of ...

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"Coronary flow reserve" (CFR) signifies this ability - the degree to which the heart is able to improve its blood flow in response to maximal exercise.

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Nov 18, 2013 ... In myocardial infarction, there is a lack of blood supplied to the heart muscles causing them to be starved of ... The cardiac reserve may reduce.