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Alienation of affections is a common law tort, abolished in many jurisdictions. Where it still .... Alienation of Affections Explanation and Example, 2009, CNN.


Definition of Alienation of Affection in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Alienation of Affection? Meaning of  ...


Define alienation of affection: the diversion of a person's affection from someone who has certain rights or claims to such affection to a third…


In tort law, the willful or malicious interference with the relationship between a husband and wife by a third party without justification or excuse. The interference  ...


Alienation of affection is when the faithful spouse sues the unfaithful spouse's partner for taking the unfaithful spouse's love and affection.


Definition of ALIENATION OF AFFECTION: This the wrongful act of one person that interferes with the affection one spouse has for the other. This could be one a  ...


Alienation of affection refers to a situation in which the affection that binds a couple is lost or destroyed. Affection, or love, is necessary to maintain a romantic  ...


Infidelity & Alienation of Affection. ... To illustrate how this works, we'll consider two examples. First, your wife had a one-night-stand with someone who resides in ...


Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversation are two separate claims that are often ... It is hard to pinpoint the definition of genuine love and affection.


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