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an act or instance of extorting.
Law. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority.
oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest: the extortions of usurers.
anything extorted.
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Extortion is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from an institution, through coercion. It is sometimes euphemistically referred to as a ...

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Most states define extortion as the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force, or threat of 1) violence, 2) property damage, 3) harm to reputation, ...

Extortion legal definition of extortion


Extortion. The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right. Under the ...

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Extortion is a crime in which one person forces another person to do something against his will, generally to give up money or other property, by threat of ...

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Define extortion: the crime of getting money from someone by the use of force or threats — extortion in a sentence.

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Extortion definition, an act or instance of extorting. See more.

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Extort definition, to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force, torture, threat, or the  ...

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Though states provide a wide range of penalties for extortion, the crime is most often punished as a felony offense. A felony is the most serious category of crime,  ...