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The only Federalist president was John Adams; although George Washington ..... The pendulum of public opinion swung toward the Republicans after the Treaty ...

Federalists [ushistory.org]


The supporters of the proposed Constitution called themselves "Federalists." Their adopted name implied a commitment to a loose, decentralized system of ...

Federalists: Definition, Arguments & Views - Video & Lesson ...


Define the Federalists, learn about the historical background over the ratification of the Constitution, and understand the arguments and views of...

Differences between Federalists and Antifederalists | The Gilder ...


The Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of the US Constitution, but they never ... Click here to view and download this infographic as a PDF, and learn more ...

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Find out more about the history of Federalist Party, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com.

Federalists and Republicans - History of the Federal Judiciary


Hamilton and his Federalist supporters believed that only the federal ... In the opinion of the Federalists, state governments in the 1780s presented a threat to ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... Read; View All Media (2) · View History; Edit; Feedback ... Federalist Party, Hartford Convention [Credit: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. ...

Federalist & Antifederalist Positions


Federalist & Antifederalist Positions. Issue. Federalists. Antifederalists. Notes. A Constitution establishing a strong central government. Favored. Opposed.

The Debate for the United States Constitution... the Anti-Federalists


Ratification of the US Constitution, Debate between Federalists and Anti- Federalists, Constitution Facts, How America Transitioned from the Articles of ...

Federalists versus Antifederalists - AP U.S. History Topic Outlines ...


Public opinion about the Constitution quickly became separated into two camps, the Federalists and the Antifederalists. Most Federalists were wealthy, ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What were Federalist views?
A: Answer Strong central government. Supported business. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What are the federalist views on banking?
A: Federalists proposed the establishment of a national bank, feeling it Read More »
Source: www.chacha.com
Q: The federalist view?
A: look it in the government book you lazy! =D haha Read More »
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Q: What is the Federalist views on African Americans?
A: The Federalist policies called for a national bank, tariffs, and Read More »
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Q: What were the Federalist views on the Constitution?
A: The Federalists supported a loose interpretation of the Constitution's powers-implied powers. They wanted to interpret the constitution based on what was needed... Read More »
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