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Slide show: 7 fingernail problems not to ignore - Mayo Clinic


Dec 16, 2014 ... Fingernails — See photos of fingernail conditions that warrant medical attention.

Fingernail and Toenail Abnormalities: Nail the Diagnosis


Fingernails can provide many clues about a patient's overall health. Test your knowledge of the following fingernail abnormalities.

10 Nail Symptoms and What They Mean for Your Health - Mercola


Dec 7, 2015 ... Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or thickening, can signal health problems including liver and kidney diseases, heart and lung ...

Nail Health: Fingernail Problems Linked to Health Problems | Shape ...


A quick look at the spots, stripes, and colors of your natural nails can help spot potential health problems, some of them serious.

Nail care | American Academy of Dermatology


Symptoms that could signal nail problems include changes in color, shape and/or thickness, swelling of the skin around the nails, bleeding or discharge, and ...

Nail Diseases: MedlinePlus


Nail problems that sometimes require treatment include ... Fingernails: Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Nails (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  ...

Nail abnormalities - NHS Choices


Fingernail or toenail abnormalities can tell you a lot about your health. They're often a ... This guide gives the most likely reasons for the following nail problems:.

Pictures of Nail Diseases and Problems - Fungal Nail Infection


Onychomycosis is fungal infection of the nails. Fungal nail infection causes nails to become thick, white, opaque, and brittle. Warm, damp conditions create a ...

Common Nail Problems: Conditions, Treatments, and Pictures ...


Common nail problems: conditions, treatments, and pictures. Overview: Nail problems that can affect the fingernails and toenails can be caused by a variety of  ...

6 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health - Health Essentials ...


May 27, 2015 ... Fingernails and toenails often show symptoms of yet-undiagnosed ... or skin problems,” says dermatologist Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD.

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9 Nail Problems You Shouldn't Ignore - Men's Health


Aug 31, 2015 ... How your nails look can point to some pretty serious health problems. Find out what your fingers and toes are trying to tell you.

Fingernails - WebMD


Apr 18, 2016 ... A touch of white here, a rosy tinge there, or some rippling or bumps may be a sign of disease in the body. Problems in the liver, lungs, and heart ...

Nails - fingernail and toenail problems - Better Health Channel


Toenail problems can affect people of all ages, but tend to be more common in older people. Common causes of fingernail problems include injury, infection and  ...