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Fräulein is the German language honorific previously in common use for unmarried women, comparable to Miss in English. Description[edit]. Fräulein is the ...


Jun 4, 2011 ... Addressing an unkown woman as Fräulein can be considered as impolite as using Du without having been offered it. The word Fräulein was ...


Fräulein as a formal address for an unmarried woman is now uncommon and considered disrespectful and sexist by some. Frau is the normal address for all ...


Fraulein definition, an unmarried woman. See more.


Jul 12, 2006 ... A german word used to address unmarried women. However, this is a pretty old word nobody uses anymore, except for grandparents.


Used as a courtesy title in a German-speaking area before the name of an unmarried woman or girl. See Usage Note at miss2. 2. fräulein Used as a form of  ...


Define fräulein: an unmarried German woman —used as a title equivalent to Miss ; a German governess.


"Ms." only works in two instances: in written correspondence ("Dear Ms. Smith, I am writing to inform...) and introductions ("Mr. Doe, this is Ms. Smith, our Director  ...

Nov 30, 2010 ... I have done searches for Fraulein by Hank Locklin and it always brings up videos of Fraulein by Bobby Helms with Hank Locklin's picture on it.