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gap junction
a linkage of two adjacent cells consisting of a system of channels extending across a gap from one cell to the other, allowing the passage of ions and small molecules.
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A gap junction may also be called a nexus or macula communicans. When found in neurons or nerves it may also be called an electrical synapse. While an ...


Learn more about gap junctions in the Boundless open textbook. A gap junction is a specialized cell junction that directly connects the cytoplasm of two cells.


Gap junctions are aggregates of intercellular channels that permit direct cell–cell transfer of ions and small molecules. Initially described as low-resistance ion ...


Gap junctions allow the exchange of ions, second messengers, and small metabolites between adjacent cells and are formed by two unrelated protein families, ...


Gap junctions are membrane channels that mediate the cell-to-cell movement of ions and small metabolites. In the heart, gap junctions play an important role in ...


Gap junction channels are unique. No other channel in vertebrates provides an enclosed conduit for direct diffusional exchange of ions and small molecules ...


Read medical definition of Gap junction.


Gap junctions are intercellular channels some 1.5–2 nm in diameter. These permit the free passage between the cells of ions and ...


Gap junctions are intercellular channels that allow small molecules and electrical current to passively diffuse between adjacent cells. They are found in neurons ...