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The Germanic peoples are an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group of Northern European origin, identified by their use of the Germanic languages which diversified out of Proto-Germanic starting durin...



In the 2nd century BC, Germanic tribes move south and east from Scandinavia. The Goths and the Vandals drive the Balts east along the coast of the Baltic.

The Early History of the Germanic Tribes</A>


The origins of the Germanic tribes is lost in the sands of time. What little is known is based upon linguistic evidence. The Germanic languages belong to the ...

The Fall of Rome (150CE-475CE): The Germanic Tribes to 375


Caesar first observed the Germanic tribes in 51 BCE, and marked them as a possible threat. German tribes were clan-based, with blood-loyalty the basis for all ...

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At any rate, the currency of these songs suggests that in Tacitus' time the various Germanic peoples were conscious of their relationship with one another.

Germanic Tribes and the Conquest of Rome


Upon the decline of Roman imperial power, Germanic tribes from the east took ... Both Romans and Germans were terrified of these savage warriors whose only ...

Who were ancestors of Germanic tribes and where did they come fr ...


I believe that the Germans are in large part descended from Paleolithic hunter gatherers who moved north from south central and south western ...



From then on, the Germanic tribes would come in increasing conflict with the Celts, .... The Alamanni were routed, forced back into Germany, and did not threaten ...

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Did the Spanish Celtic tribes go to France and Switserland? .... your little game of ancestors we come all from Africa and I agree : this is true.

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Q: How to Identify Germanic Tribes.
A: 1. Germanic-speaking tribes were first recognized as an ethnic tribe by the Greeks, who saw that they were distinct from the Celtic peoples based on certain dis... Read More »
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Q: What are the invasions of Germanic tribes?
A: The invasions of the Germanic tribes, particularly those of the fifth century, were important in precipitating the internal crises of the western empire and in ... Read More »
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Q: Who was the Germanic tribe?
A: Germanic tribes are composed of the Teutons, the Cimbri, the Suevi, Cherusci, in western and central Europe in the 5th century Read More »
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Q: Who were the Germanic Tribes?
A: The Romans called everything beyond their European frontiers on the Rhine and Danube rivers "Germania. The people who lived there didn't called themselves "Germ... Read More »
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Q: What is germanic tribes?
A: What has this to do with theatre? Read More »
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