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Baryancistrus xanthellus is a species of armored catfish endemic to Brazil. It is a benthic fresh ... various L-numbers and the common names of "gold nugget" and "golden nugget pleco" until the species was scientifically described in 2011.


The name "Gold Nugget Pleco" is short for "Gold Nugget Plecostomus." It is a suckermouth catfish which was first captured and exported to Great Britain in 1981.


The Gold Nugget Pleco (Baryancistrus sp.) has a few different varieties available. These plecos still often go by L numbers.


The gold nugget pleco has the scientific name Baryancistrus xanthellus. However , fish dealers often start selling newly-discovered plecos before the fish in ...

Apr 15, 2013 ... Have a quick video of my brothers Gold Nugget pleco eating some cucumber he just put in. They seem to finish off a big piece in 24hrs, with a ...


There are 3 variations of the gold nugget pleco. L081 has the smallest spots, L018/85 has medium spots and L177 has the largest spots. Not the hardiest fish,  ...


Nov 4, 2008 ... The yellow seamed “Golden Nugget” – a problem pleco? .... The biggest chance of success in breeding gold nuggets is in soft, slightly acidic ...


Gold Nugget Pleco - Care information, recommendations and advice on health, diet, compatibility, breeding from the members of fishkeeping.co.uk.


Common name: Gold Nugget Pleco, Gold Seam Pleco, L018, L081, L085, L177. Scientific name: Baryancistrus Species. Average Adult Fish Size: 6 – 8 inches ...


The Gold Nugget Pleco is a very attractive and long lived (25 years) species of plecostomus that has become quite popular within the aquarium trade. Once the  ...