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Many traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Spanish and Mayan cuisine and prominently feature corn, chilies and beans as key ingredients.

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With over 13 million inhabitants, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central ... As such, this tropical nation boasts a diverse array of traditional foods.

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All about Guatemala food, Guatemala drink and all types of Guatemala cuisine, including chicken pepian, kak'ik, and elites.

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A typical Guatemala dish, Pepían is a thick, hearty stew composed of numerous ... recipe & menu ideas, food how-to's, entertaining tips and the latest food news.

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The ingredients of Guatemalan cuisine are typical for Central America — corn, tomatoes, peppers, beans, plantains, tomatillos. Several dishes are uniquely ...

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Guatemalan food is filling and full of flavor. Like other countries in Central America, traditional meals rely heavily on corn, beans, meat, and tortillas. There are all ...

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Guatemalan cuisine is similar to that of other Central American countries, relying ... Food. Breakfast -- The typical breakfast in Guatemala is quite simple, usually ...

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Dec 3, 2009 ... Blog post: Guatemalan food from Maangchi.com. ... A famous restaurant that sells their traditional local food in Antigua. They keep the soup ...

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Antigua Guatemala has a large variety of typical dishes, this is due to large fusions of two great cultures in Food in Guatemala. Among these dishes highlight  ...

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Guatemalan food is filling, good value, and can be very flavoursome. ... The latter is like a traditional American diner or an old-school British café; in general, they ...

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Guatemala remained under Spanish rule from 1524 to 1821. Typical Spanish dishes, such as enchiladas, guacamole, tamales, and tortillas , began making their ...

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From Arroz con Pollo to Guatemalan Salsa, these favorite Guatemalan recipes from Food.com highlight the best of this Latin cuisine.

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Traditional Guatemalan Tostadas - The tostadas are a traditional Guatemalan food that is often served as snacks or appetizers during the traditional Posadas ...