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The Gulf catshark, Asymbolus vincenti, is a species of catshark, found only off Western Australia at depths between 27 to 650 metres (89 to 2,133 ft). This species ...

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Cat shark are around 1-5 feet in length, but most species are around 3 feet long. They have long ... Gulf Catshark - Asymbolus vincenti Least Concern Australia

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High Quality & Unique Pictures of Catsharks. Catsharks include Draughtboard Shark, Swellshark, Gulf Catshark, which is a deep water species, Orange-spotted  ...

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Catshark egg cases attached to one colony in a field of Primnoid corals ( Callogorgia americana delta) at 1786 feet. This is evidence of a habitat function, and an ...

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The small-spotted catshark was originally described as Squalus canicula by Linnaeus. This name was later changed to the currently valid scientific name of ...



of Collared Catsharks (the Rusty Catshark Parascyllium ferrugineum and the .... During a prawn trawl bycatch survey in 2003 in upper Spencer Gulf, in which ...

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View Cat Shark pictures from all over the world in our galleries. ... To view a picture of a Cat Shark click on the thumbnails below. ... Gulf Cat Shark Picture.

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Stock photo image of Gulf Catshark , Asymbolus vincenti horizontal shark australia.

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Asymbolus occiduus Western Spotted Catshark . ... Asymbolus rubiginosus Orange Spotted Catshark . ... Asymbolus vincenti Gulf Catshark .

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Order Carcharhinifomres (Ground Sharks), Familiy Scyliorhididae (Catsharks). Many species show ... 055, A. vincenti (Zeitz, 1908), Gulf catshark, 5.2 x 2.1 x 1.05

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The Gulf catshark has a short, slightly flattened head with a short thick snout. They have short lavial furrows along the jaws, upper teeth exposed. Narrow ridges ...

Gulf Catshark, Asymbolus vincenti (Zietz 1908)


... this page as: , 2011, Gulf Catshark, Asymbolus vincenti, in Fishes of Australia, accessed 02 Nov 2015, http://www.fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/3746 ...

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Nov 27, 2013 ... A Gulf Catshark at a depth of 5 m, Carrickalinga Reef, South Australia, 18 November 2013.

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Nov 6, 2014 ... Gulf catshark at Second Valley – Steve Reynolds. MLSSA ... I suggested that it was some kind of catshark or possibly a blind shark. I didn't ...

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Orange Spotted Catshark. Asymbolus submaculatus. Variegated Catshark. Asymbolus vincenti. Gulf Catshark. Asymbolus sp. New Caledonia Spotted Catshark.