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In recent vampire fiction, dhampir refers to any hybrid of one human and one vampire parent. They are not vampires themselves, but a half-breed of both.

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A human-vampire hybrid, also known as half-vampire, vampire hybrid, half- human and half-vampire, and half-immortal, is the offspring of a female human and a ...

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Dhampirs were originally born through the union of a Moroi and a human in the years before the Dark Ages. Through this union created a half-vampire and ...

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The child would then be some kind of half-vampire/half-human. How exactly that would work out I'm not sure, but it would most certainly be more human-like with ...

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A Half-Human Hybrid, the dhampyr is a child born of a vampire and a human and a prime example of Hybrid Power. They may have all of a vampire's powers ...

Personality Quiz: Are you a vampire, half-vampire, or a human?


Just what the title says! And, heh, no, I'm not going by the original old fake Dracula terms of a vampire. I'm going by my, more realistic, terms. So, if you no likely ...

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Jan 10, 2009 ... The fact that you ask if you could be a half vampire is proof that you don't socialize enough. Believing this can and will get you laughed at by ...

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A half-vampire is drawn to other living creatures, and feels far more comfortable when living in towns or cities. Still, half-vampires know that they must keep their ...

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Aug 5, 2012 ... The Twilight Wiki says that female half-vampire hybrids do not produce ... When injected into a human, the venom attacks their cells and slowly ...

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Dhampir - Power of Half-vampires or Dhampirs ... and have intercourse, which would lead to the birth of dhampirs, half human half vampire children who have all ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Half human Half vampire?
A: A hybrid. Its explained quite well in the book Read More »
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Q: What is a half human half vampire?
A: A Dhampir that has had a relative Dhampir or Vampire and has thier blood running through their veins they eat as normal humans but they posses similar vampire q... Read More »
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Q: How is it possible for her to be half human half vampire?
A: Vampire hunter Blade is half vampire, half human (his mother... Read More »
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Q: How is renesmee half human half vampire?
A: Renesmee is half vampire because Edward is a vampire. While female vampires Read More »
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Q: What are the (cliche) traits of a half human, half vampire?
A: gaah! I'm sick of these people talking about twilight! Your question doesn't even have anything to do with twilight. They're called Dhampir. In the movie Blade,... Read More »
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