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Heliopolis (Greek for "Sun City") usually refers to one of two ancient cities: Heliopolis (ancient Egypt), the modern Ayn Shams, Egypt Heliopolis (Syria), the ...

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The ancient city of Heliopolis, the city of 'On' in the Bible, was the chief town of the 13th nome of Egypt (These nomes were ancient administrative borders with ...

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The ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis can be discerned today only by its scattered and buried remains on the northeastern outskirts of Cairo. Its cultural and ...

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Discover little known facts about the mysterious city of Heliopolis, Egypt. Fascinating facts, history and information about Heliopolis, Egypt. The mythology  ...

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HELIOPOLIS (Gr., meaning "city of the sun"; Egyptian, Iunu; Heb., On), ancient city of lower Egypt situated about six miles N. of Cairo on the site of the modern ...

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Heliopolis, however, was the name the Greeks gave it, and is its most modern name. The city's Egyptian name was Iunu, “place of pillars”, which in biblical ...

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Ancient Heliopolis would have comprised the lower middle-class quarters of Ain Shams, Matariya and Tel al-Hisn. In the ancient city, the great sun god was ...

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One of the three major cities of ancient Egypt, after Thebes and Memphis, Heliopolis, "city of the sun" in Greek, was situated in the area of Tell Hisn on the ...

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The modern city of Heliopolis was established in 1907 by the Belgian Baron Empain, with a streetcar line running between Heliopolis and central Cairo.

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Nov 26, 2008 ... Heliopolis, (Greek), Egyptian Iunu or Onu (“Pillar City”), biblical On, one of the most ancient Egyptian cities and the seat of worship of the sun ...

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Heliopolis is the Greek name of the city, but several other names were used in different texts: Egyptian theology called it Per-Re ("City of Re," which is the name  ...

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Heliopolis was once the seat of worship of the sun god, Ra (Re), and The Great Temple of Re was built in this city. Therefore, although it was a capital city [of the  ...