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Human evolution


Human evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of anatomically modern humans. The topic typically focuses on the evolutionary history of ...

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Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. The fossils of early humans who lived between 6 and 2 million years ...

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The story of human evolution began in Africa about six million years ago and it describes the very long process that our ancestors went through to ultimately ...

BBC - Earth - Human evolution was shaped by interbreeding


Oct 13, 2015 ... Our distant ancestors interbred with the Neanderthals and other hominin species. These hybridisation events may have been crucial to our ...

Human Evolution: The fossil evidence in 3D


An online 3D gallery of modern primate relatives and fossil human ancestors.

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Human evolution. Evolutionary biologists are interested in understanding how humans fit into the history of life and how the processes of evolution have shaped  ...

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When did humans evolve? Who are our ancestors? Why did we evolve? At the turn of the century, scientists could only dream about finding the answers to these  ...

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Jan 11, 2015 ... The documentary explains how humans evolved from early primates, our relationship with apes and most of the primates. How we got high ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Human Evolution&v=y9Ski3H8dXk
Oct 28, 2015 ... Human ( Homo Sapiens Versus Neaderthals) evolution is the evolutionary process leading to the appearance of anatomically modern humans.

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We are the only animal to bury its dead, and we have been doing it for a very long time. These moving, fascinating finds reveal how the human mind has evolved.

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Sep 11, 2015 ... The discovery of Homo naledi, the newest branch on our family tree, has people talking about human evolution—and trying to remember some ...

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Oct 16, 2015 ... The process by which human being s developed on Earth from now-extinct primates. Viewed zoologically, we humans are Homo sapiens, ...

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Findings in human evolution. Read science articles on early humans, human and primate genetics and more. Articles and photos.