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Independence (probability theory)


In probability theory, two events are independent, statistically independent, or stochastically independent if the occurrence of one does not affect the probability  ...

Independent Events - Math Goodies


To find the probability of two independent events that occur in sequence, find the probability of each event occurring separately, and then multiply the ...

Rules of Probability and Independent Events | Wyzant Resources


Independent Events. When two events are said to be independent of each other, what this means is that the probability that one event occurs in no way affects ...

Independent events - Statlect, the digital textbook


Independent events. Two events E and F are said to be independent if the occurrence of E makes it neither more nor less probable that F occurs and, conversely ...

4.5 - Disjoint and Independent Events | STAT 200


Independent events: Unrelated events; the outcome of one event does not impact the outcome of the other event. Note that disjoint events and independent ...

Independent Events -- from Wolfram MathWorld


Independent Events. EXPLORE THIS TOPIC IN the MathWorld Classroom. Two events A and B are called independent if their probabilities satisfy ...

Stats: Probability Rules


Two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time. ... If events are independent, then the probability of them both occurring is the product of ...

Independent Events and Independent Experiments


Independent Events and Independent Experiments: establishing a link between two usages of the word independent in the theory of probability.

Conditional Probability and Independent Events


The applet below presents an interactive tool that helps grasp the definition and the significance of conditional probabilities and independent events.

Dependent and Independent Events


Dependent and Independent Events: defintions and examples.

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Probability: Independent Events - Math is Fun


Probability: Independent Events. Life is full of random events! You need to get a " feel" for them to be a smart and successful person. The toss of a coin, throwing ...

Compound probability of independent events - Khan Academy


You'll become familiar with the concept of independent events, or that one event in no way affects what happens in the second event. Keep in mind, too, that the ...

Independent Events - Regents Exam Prep Center


Two events are said to be independent if the result of the second event is not affected by the result of the first event. If A and B are independent events, the ...