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The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was a major, but ultimately unsuccessful, uprising in India in ... The rebellion is known by many names, including the Sepoy Mutiny, the Indian Mutiny, the Great Rebellion, the Revolt of 1857, the Indian Insurrection,  ...


A 1912 map of 'Northern India: the Revolt of 1857-58' showing the centres of rebellion ... It began on 10 May 1857, as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India ...


Feb 10, 2017 ... Indian Mutiny: widespread but unsuccessful rebellion against British rule in India in 1857–58. ... India: The mutiny and great revolt of 1857–59.


What was the Revolt of 1857, also known as the Sepoy Rebellion, all about? Learn why Indian soldiers rebelled against the British East India Company.


Oct 1, 2016 ... The Sepoy Mutiny, also known as the Indian Revolt of 1857, shook British rule in India.


Feb 17, 2011 ... Any attempt to explain the revolt of 1857 as traditional India's rejection of modern reform is far too crude. Impulses towards change before then ...


The Revolt of 1857 —the First War of Independence! By the first half of the 19th century, the East India Company had brought major portions of India under its ...


One of the important events of Indian history is the Revolt of 1857. It was the first rebellion against the East India Company which took the massive form.


Apr 12, 2014 ... The rebellion has also been termed India's First War of Independence, the Great Rebellion, the Indian Mutiny, the Revolt of 1857, and the ...


Mar 19, 2014 ... The Great Revolt of 1857 (also Indian rebellion of 1857, the Great uprising of 1857, the Great rebellion, Indian Sepoy mutiny) is regarded as ...