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Infrared detector - Wikipedia


An infrared detector is a detector that reacts to infrared (IR) radiation. The two main types of detectors are thermal and photonic (photodetectors). The thermal ...

what is an infrared detector, ir detectors, photodetector - Future ...


A full selection of photodetectors (infrared detectors) that can be used for an IR motion detector, infrared detector card, IR detector circuit or nfrared heat detector.

Infrared detectors | Hamamatsu Photonics


InSb photovoltaic detectors are high-speed, low-noise infrared detectors that deliver high sensitivity in the so-called atmospheric window between 3 and 5 um.

Characteristics and use of infrared detectors - SLAC


have been developed and produced. This manual describes major characteristics and applications of Hamamatsu infrared detectors, including InGaAs PIN.

Infrared detectors: an overview - Antoni Rogalski


The paper presents progress in infrared (IR) detector technologies during 200 history of ... sification of two types of IR detectors (photon detectors and thermal ...

An Introduction to Infrared Detectors


19 July 2010. NOAO Gemini Data Workshop. 1. An Introduction to Infrared Detectors. Dick Joyce (NOAO). NEWFIRM 4K x 4K array; Mike Merrill ...

Infrared Detectors JWST/NASA - James Webb Space Telescope


Infrared Detectors. What are detectors and why are they important? JWST's mirrors collect light from the sky and direct it to the science instruments.

Thermal Infrared Detectors - Excelitas


Excelitas has gained worldwide recognition for the design and production of high performance pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors and sensor modules ...

Infrared detectors: an overview - Science Direct


Apr 21, 2002 ... The paper presents progress in infrared (IR) detector technologies during 200 history of their development. Classification of two types of IR ...