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Iraq has one of the world's oldest cultural histories. Iraq is where the Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations were, whose legacy went on to influence and shape the ...

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Guide to Iraq and Iraqi culture, society, language, etiquette, customs, manners and protocol.

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Iraq has one of the world's oldest cultural histories and boasts a rich heritage. Here you will find information about Iraqi culture, cuisine, music, sports, art and ...


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Kathy Kamphoefner, on Arab culture. Being a Good Iraqi House Guest. When you enter a house, lightly shake the hand of everyone of your same gender (and ...

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Welcome to the website of the Iraqi Cultural Office, Washington DC, USA. This site was designed to help students, scholars and all Iraqis to learn more about ...

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May 26, 2016 ... IRAQ. General Cultural Information: Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq is a country in Western Asia. There are number of languages spoken in ...

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Applied at the national level, this exclusivist political culture created fissures among Iraq's three major communities: Sunnis, Shi'is, and Kurds. Those fissures, in ...

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Most Iraqi refugees arrived in New Zealand during the 1990s and ... Saying 'no' directly is not courteous in Iraqi culture so an affirmative response from a client ...

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-Iraq has a rich cultural history dating back to the Sumerians, thought to be the first advanced civilization on earth. Iraq's history is strongly influenced by ...

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The story of civilization in Iraq spans some 10,000 years. As a birthplace of writing, the wheel, and countless other human inventions, Iraq's past has shaped our ...

The People of
Ethnicity: Arab, Kurdish, Turkoman, Assyrian
Languages: Arabic, Kurdish (official), Turkoman, Assyrian, and Armenian
Religions: Muslim (Shia, Sunni), Christian
Population: 36,004,552 (2014 est.) (36th)
Median Age: total: 19.7 years (2015 est.)
Female: 20 years (2015 est.)
Male: 19.4 years (2015 est.)
Literacy Rate: 79.687579.7%
Female: 73.7%
Male: 85.7%
Legal drinking age: 18
People of:
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Arab rule during the medieval period had the greatest cultural impact on modern Iraq. The dominating culture within Iraq is Arab, and most Arabs are Muslim.

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Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Iraq - culture, greetings, gestures , etiquette, taboos, negotiations, gift-giving, and more.

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History, language and culture guide for Iraq including key historical events, information on the spoken languages, useful phrases, social conventions, religion ...