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Iris (anatomy)


Uncommon in humans, it is often an indicator of ocular disease, such as chronic iritis or diffuse iris melanoma, but ...

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In anatomy, the pigmented muscular curtain near the front of the eye, between the cornea and the lens, that is perforated by an opening called the pupil. The iris  ...

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Dec 12, 2012 ... They show the complex and intricate textures hidden within the iris that give our eyes our unique and enchanting character.

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Function. The iris is the coloured part of the eye. In the middle of the iris is an opening called the pupil that controls the amount of light entering the eye. The iris  ...

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Light focused by the cornea and crystalline lens (and limited by the iris and pupil) then reaches the retina — the light-sensitive inner lining of the back of the eye.

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Towards the front of the eye, the muscles of the iris (colored portion of the eye) control the amount of light entering the eye. Pigments in the iris give it color.

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Jul 17, 2011 ... How the Eye works to focus an image. Cornea, Iris and Lens structure and function in detail. Iris color, Accommodation, Cataract. Photos and ...
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Nov 19, 2013 ... Stephen Slade MD, cataract and LASIK specialist in Houston, Texas, www. visiontexas.com and www.lasercataractsurgery.com, presents a ...

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The iris is the most visible portion of the uveal tract, which is the middle compartment of the eye. The iris is made up of blood vessels and connective tissue, ...

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The iris of the human eye is unique in each individual. What makes it unique? What is it made of? What does it do? Learn the answer to those...

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Just behind the iris and pupil lies the lens, which helps to focus light on the back of the eye. Most of the eye is filled with a clear gel called the vitreous.

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The iris, visible through the clear cornea as the colored disc inside of the eye, is a thin diaphragm composed mostly of connective tissue and smooth muscle ...

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It functions as a window and allows light to enter your eye. It also begins ... The iris is a tissue inside the eye that has a hole in the center called the pupil. The iris  ...