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Jacob, later given the name Israel, is regarded as a Patriarch of the Israelites. According to the Book of Genesis, Jacob was the third Hebrew progenitor with ...

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Jacob and his brother Esau were at war with each other even before they were born. They struggled within Rebecca's womb.

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Jul 20, 1998 ... Jacob, Hebrew Yaʿaqov, Arabic Yaʿqūb, also called Israel, Hebrew Yisraʾel, Arabic Isrāʾīl, Hebrew patriarch who was the grandson of ...

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Reprinted with permission from The Jewish Religion: A Companion, published by Oxford University Press. Jacob is the third patriarch of the Jewish p ...

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Aug 6, 2013 ... The Bible's biography of Jacob both enthralls and troubles us: Israel's third patriarch, Jacob acts in ways that honor neither himself nor his ...

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The traditional stories of the patriarchs are more than mere biographies; rather, ... Abraham, Jacob and Joseph thus personify man's basic relationship to God.

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May 19, 2004 ... We are going to study the life of Jacob today, and I find his story ... chart of Genesis and plotting the main characters or patriarchs to show what ...

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Explains medieval pictures of Jacob the Patriarch: life events commonly pictured, scripture citations. Illustrated.

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Besides the frequent mention of his name in conjunction with the names of the other two patriarchs, there are distinct references to the events in the life of Jacob  ...

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Oct 3, 2003 ... JACOB (or ISRAEL), THE PATRIARCH. The Names and Their Meaning ( 1). Jacob's Youth ( 2). His Life in Haran ( 3). His Later Life ( 4).