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The Jurassic is a geologic period and system that spans 56.3 million years from the end of the Triassic Period 201.3 million years ago (Mya) to the beginning of ...

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The Jurassic Period. Great plant-eating dinosaurs roaming the earth, feeding on lush ferns and palm-like cycads and bennettitaleans … smaller but vicious ...

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Apatosaurus Ajax Right Hind Foot - late Jurassic period, 150 million years ago. The Jurassic Period began as a large extinction took place at the end of the ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Jurassic period at Encyclopedia.com. Make research projects and school reports about Jurassic period easy with ...

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The Jurassic saw the rise of the dinosaurs and the first birds. Pangaea was beginning to break up. Sea levels were high, there was no polar ice and the Earth ...

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Jurassic period by Josef Moravec. View Jurassic dinosaurs from Jurassic period in Dinosaur Art Gallery presented by Dinosaur Corporation.

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The Jurassic began after the mass extinction event that ended the Triassic.

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As the Jurassic Period opened, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Iran were attached to the North African portion of Gondwanaland. The climate was warm and moister ...

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The second of the three divisions that make up the Mesozoic era, the Jurassic period saw warm tropical greenhouse conditions world-wide, shallow continental  ...

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Sep 23, 2013 ... For Jurassic-era stegosauruses 200 million years ago, the day was perhaps 23 hours long and each year had about 385 days. Two hundred ...

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Apr 15, 2013 ... The Jurassic Period was when reptiles ruled and the continents as we know them began to drift together.

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Learn about Earth's Jurassic period and get information, facts, and more about prehistoric periods, dinosaurs, and the Mesozoic era from National Geographic.

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Jurassic Period, second of three periods of the Mesozoic Era, extending from 201.3 million to 145 million years ago. It immediately followed the Triassic Period  ...