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Species accepted by Kew Botanic Gardens ... Heliconia atratensis - Colombia; Heliconia atropurpurea - Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica ...


The families of flowering plants: descriptions, illustrations, identification, and information retrieval. Version: 4th March 2011. http://delta-intkey.com'.


Small sized, although can grow long, pendular heliconia flower ... Heliconia chartacea, Sexy Yellow .... All these types of flowers are long lasting, very good cut.


There's a wide range of heliconia varieties, including some that grow to tree-like ... are perfect for adding tropical flair as annuals or container garden plants.


The genus Heliconia is in the family Heliconiaceae in the major group ... Species in Heliconia ... Heliconia atropurpurea G.S.Daniels & F.G.Stiles, Accepted, H ...


Introduction to Heliconias. Heliconias are tropical plants related to bananas, cannas and gingers. There are about 100 different individual species, and most ...


Their height may on some species vary from as small as 2' to 25' depending on variety. Heliconia are actually highly modified leaves and bracts, their colorful ...


57 Products ... A beautiful heliconia with bright yellow bracts with green tips. The Yellow Dancer is one of the more cold tolerant heliconia species.


Sep 14, 2012 ... There are about 40 different species of heliconia. The leaves of this plant are paddle-shaped, and they are related to the banana family.


Taxonomy: Heliconia caribaea (Heliconiaceae) Common Names: Heliconia ... The flowers of this species are actually highly modified leaves and bracts in the ...