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The People of Latvia
Ethnicity: Latvian, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian
Languages: Latvian (official), Russian, and Lithuanian
Religions: Lutheran, Orthodox, other Christian
Population: 1,997,500 (2014 est.) (148th)
Median Age: total: 42.9 years (2015 est.)
Female: 46.3 years (2015 est.)
Male: 39.2 years (2015 est.)
Literacy Rate: 99.8913899.9%
Female: 99.9%
Male: 99.9%
Legal drinking age: 18
People of:


Latvians (Latvian: latvieši; Livonian: lețlizt) are a Baltic ethnic group, native to what is modern-day Latvia and the immediate geographical region. They are occasionally also referred to as Letts, although this term is obsolescent. The Latvian people share a common Latvian language.

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Oak and lime trees symbolize men and women. The apple tree is frequently associated with orphanhood, a state that symbolically represents the Latvian nation.


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