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Linear algebra


Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning vector spaces and linear mappings between such spaces. It includes the study of lines, planes, and ...

Linear equations and functions | 8th grade (U.S.) | Khan Academy


Solutions to linear equations. Learn how to figure out if an ordered pair is a solution to a linear equation. Intro to the coordinate plane · Points on the coordinate ...

Solving Linear Equations: 'One-Step' Equations - Purplemath


Demonstrates, step-by-step and with illustrations, how to solve one-step linear equations using addition and subtraction.

Definition of Linear Equation - Math is Fun


Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 ... Linear Equation. more ... Linear Equation. An equation that ...

Linear Algebra -- from Wolfram MathWorld


Linear algebra is the study of linear sets of equations and their ... three given points, as well as many other problems in mathematics, physics, and engineering .

MathSteps: Grade 7: Linear Equations: What Is It? - Education Place


Linear Equations. A linear equation looks like any other equation. It is made up of two expressions set equal to each other. A linear equation is special because:.

Algebra - Linear Equations - Pauls Online Math Notes - Lamar ...


where a and b are real numbers and x is a variable. This form is sometimes called the standard form of a linear equation. Note that most linear equations will not ...

Solve a Simultaneous Set of Two Linear Equations - WebMath


This page will show you how to solve two equations with two unknowns. There are many ways of doing this, but this page used the method of substitution.

Solve a Linear Equation Involving One Unknown - WebMath


This page will show you how to solve an equation for some unknown variable. Note: Please do not type and "=" signs. It is already put in for you. You just need to ...

Graphing Equations and Inequalities - Graphing linear ... - Math.com


To graph a linear equation, we can use the slope and y-intercept. Locate the y- intercept on the graph and plot the point. From this point, use the slope to find a ...

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Linear equations 1 | Old school equations with Sal | Khan Academy


Subjects. Math by subject · Early math · Arithmetic · Algebra ... Linear equations 1. About. equations of the form AX=B. ... Linear equations 2 · Linear equations 3.

Linear Equations - Math is Fun


Example: y = 2x+1 is a linear equation: line on a graph. The graph of y = 2x+1 is a straight line. When x increases, y increases twice as fast, hence 2x; When x is ...

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a book that taught students basic structures of linear algebra without overdo- ... that was suitable for all students, not just math majors, that focussed on concepts  ...