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Feb 8, 2013 ... - Welcome to the first video in my Live Sound 101 video series. This is a great place to start if you're new to live sound.

Live Sound 101: Mixing the Show - Tuts+ Music & Audio Tutorial

Sep 20, 2008 ... Last time, I covered everything you need to know to get you through the sound check of a live gig. This time I'm going to explain how to mix the ...

The Basics of Live Sound - Mixing for Beginners - Home Recording

Mixing live sound for the first time? Looking for a way to make your band sound better live? Take a look inside the basics of mixing live sound, including setting ...

Making Sense of Sound Mixing - For Dummies

For most home recordists, the process of sound mixing is what turns their ... Doing so is usually intended to add the feel of a live concert to the recording, ...

Live Sound Tutorial | MusicTech

Apr 11, 2012 ... Be Prepared! So much can go wrong during a live gig that it pays to heed the old Boy Scouts motto and take a bag of essentials with you.

Home Studio Setups: Live Audio - For Dummies

If you intend to record a live band, you are likely to use this setup. The live audio setup requires more microphone connections and rarely has MIDI devices ...

How to use an audio mixer (soundboard) - Instructables

David, my purpose is home recording of "live" instruments. I have been .... It's actually arguable that you don't even need an external audio mixer. There is ...

A Live Soundman's Handbook for Small Venues - The Pro Audio Files

Sep 12, 2010 ... A Live Sound man's handbook: Tips on running live sound in smaller venues. Experiences and advice on sound checks, feedback control, the ...

A Basic Introduction to Concert Sound Engineering - The Institute for ...

Any other use requires written consent from the author. A modified and condensed version of this was published in Live Sound International 7(1):68-73 Jan.-Feb.

How Live Sound Engineering Works - HowStuffWorks

The guitar player can wail, and the drummer can crash away on the skins. But if the band you're listening to live is sounding really on, there's a good chance an ...

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