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Macrocephaly is a condition in which the head is abnormally large; this includes the scalp, the cranial bone, and the contents of the cranium.

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Jan 21, 2014 ... Macrocephaly refers to an overly large head in infants. Not all cases of macrocephaly are cause for alarm.

Macrocephaly in infants and children: Etiology and evaluation


Nov 18, 2015 ... The measurement of head circumference (also called occipitofrontal circumference, OFC), a direct reflection of head growth, is an important ...

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Apr 29, 2011 ... Benign Macrocephaly This 21-month-old toddler was brought for a well child visit. His head had been large since birth; at this visit, head ...

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Also called macrocephalia and megalocephaly, macrocephaly is diagnosed when the circumference of the head is more than two standard deviations above  ...

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Macrocephaly. Mild macrocephaly (+2 to +3 SD) in an older child with normal intelligence, no other symptoms or abnormal neurologic signs, normal velocity of  ...

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Macrocephaly is a clinical and radiological term that refers to a generalised increase in size of the cranial vault. Terminology This slightly differs from the term  ...

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Macrocephaly is associated with many genetic disorders and is a frequent cause of ... benign external hydrocephalus) and on the macrocephaly associated with ...

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Macrocephaly-capillary malformation (M-CM) is a multiple malformation syndrome causing body and head overgrowth and abnormalities of the skin, vascular ...

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While hydrocephalus is commonly seen in M-CM, placing a ventriculperitoneal ( VP) shunt does not completely correct the macrocephaly in affected individuals ...

Macrocephaly refers to an overly large head in infants. Not all cases of macrocephaly are cause for alarm. More »
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Macrocephaly (or "big head") is a very common reason for referral to a pediatric neurosurgeon.

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varieties. Syndromic macrocephaly means that other abnormalities (physical or behavioral) are associated with the enlarged brain. The constellation of these.

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Relevance to autism: Leo Kanner first reported a larger-than-normal head size as feature of autism in his classic paper describing the first case of autism.