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This is a list of rivers in Egypt. Nile[edit]. There is only one year-round river in Egypt, the Nile. It has no non-seasonal tributaries for its entire length in Egypt, ...

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Major Rivers and Waterways: The major rivers and waterways in Egypt are the Nile River, Lake Nasser, the Alexandria-Cairo Waterway, and the Suez Canal (a  ...

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Some of the major bodies of water in Egypt include the Nile River, Lake Qarun, High Dam Lake, Aswan Lake, Lake Nasser, Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba.

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Why was the Nile River so important to the Ancient Egyptians?

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Dec 25, 2014 ... Without rivers, the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia might have never existed. Learn more about the role that the Nile River played in ...

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Aug 28, 2013 ... Egypt river map traces the complex network of waterways that weave across the Egypt.

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Most of Egypt is an arid desert with little or no vegetation. The Nile, the longest river in the world, flowing from the south to the north, cuts through this desert ...

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The Nile River may be the longest river on this planet. ... Since rainfall is almost non-existent in Egypt, the Nile River provided the only source of moisture to be ...

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History >> Ancient Egypt The Nile River played an important role in shaping the lives and society of Ancient Egypt. The Nile provided the Ancient Egyptians with ...

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The Nile played a critical role in the history of ancient Egypt. It is the longest river in the world and got its name from the Greek word Neilos (valley).