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NTFS (New Technology File System) is a proprietary file system developed by Microsoft. ... Expanded the Master File Table (MFT) entries with redundant MFT record number (useful for recovering damage...

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The NTFS file system contains a file called the master file table, or MFT. There is at least one entry in the MFT for every file on an NTFS file system volume, ...

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Each file on an NTFS volume is represented by a record in a special file called the master file table (MFT).

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It rarely happens that MFT becomes corrupted. NTFS stores a copy of MFT that is called MFT mirror. If problem occurs, NTFS tries to synchronize these copies.

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Master File Table (MFT). Probably the most important of the key system ( metadata) files that define an NTFS volume, the Master File Table or MFT is the place ...

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The master file table (MFT) is a database in which information about every file and directory on an NT File System (NTFS) volume is stored. Detailed information  ...

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Jun 5, 2009 ... An explanation of the MFT and its place in the NTFS file system.

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Mar 15, 2014 ... Repair An NTFS Boot Sector. If the NTFS boot sector is damaged, data cannot be accessed. Windows will prompt The drive is not formatted, ...

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The Master File Table, or MFT, is a database containing at least one entry for every file and directory on a New Technology File System, or NTFS logic volume.

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Short for Master File Table, a file that contains information in the form of 1024- byte records about every other file and directory in an NTFS volume (i.