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Look up abolition in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Abolition refers to the act of putting an end to something by law. It may refer to: the abolition of ...

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1 : the act of abolishing : the state of being abolished. 2 : the abolishing of slavery . abolitionary. play \-ˈli-sh<sup>ə</sup>n-ˌer-ē, -ˌe-rē\ adjective. See abolition defined for ...

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Abolition definition, the act of abolishing: the abolition of war. See more.

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Abolish definition, to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void: to abolish slavery. See more.

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Abolition is the act of getting rid of something, like the abolition of slavery.

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The act of doing away with or the state of being done away with; annulment. 2. Abolishment of slavery. [Latin abolitiō, abolitiōn-, from abolitus, past participle of ...

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abolish definition, meaning, what is abolish: to end an activity or custom officially: . Learn more.

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the action of abolishing a system, practice, or institution Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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abolition | the act of abolishing or the state of being abolished; annulment | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

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The definition of abolition is the act of stopping something, or the state of being stopped. An example of abolition is a law that has been repealed. Abolition is ...

the act of abolishing: the abolition of war.
the state of being abolished; annulment; abrogation: the abolition of unjust laws; the abolition of unfair taxes.
the legal prohibition and ending of slavery, especially of slavery of blacks in the U.S.
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abolition | Define abolition at Dictionary.com
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