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Geology. a change in the structure or constitution of a rock due to natural agencies, as pressure and heat, especially when the rock becomes harder and more completely crystalline.
Archaic. metamorphosis.
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Metamorphism is the change of minerals or geologic texture (distinct arrangement of minerals) in pre-existing rocks (protoliths), without the protolith melting into ...

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The process by which rocks are altered in composition, texture, or internal structure by extreme heat, pressure, and the introduction of new chemical substances.

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noun meta·mor·phism \-ˈmȯr-ˌfi-zəm\. Definition of METAMORPHISM. : a change in the constitution of rock; specifically : a pronounced change effected by  ...

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Definition of metamorphism in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of metamorphism. What does metamorphism ... Proper usage of the word metamorphism.

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Exposure to intense heat and pressure can result in the metamorphism of previously formed rocks. Learn about the factors that influence...

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Feb 17, 2011 ... Metamorphism, therefore occurs at temperatures and pressures higher ..... Define the following metamorphic rocks: (a) quartzite, (b) marble, ...

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Definition of dynamic metamorphism – Our online dictionary has dynamic metamorphism information from A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary.

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Some geologists confine the term metamorphism to the changes involved in contact and dynamic metamorphism, and call the resulting products _metamorphic ...

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Denoting or relating to rock that has undergone transformation by hea.... Meaning , pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Q: What does metamorphic mean?
A: a metamorfic rock is forms ontop of earths surface amani wrote this! Read More »
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Q: What does metamorphic mean?
A: a metamorphic rock is forms ontop of earths surface amani wrote this! Read More »
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A: Metamorphic meaning in latin, chane or morph. Being characterized by Read More »
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Q: What does the word metamorph mean?
A: Metamorphic means of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks); "metamorphic stage"; Read More »
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Q: What Does Metamorphic Mean?
A: Rock formed when igneous or sedimentary rock is changed by pressure, heat, or chemical reactions. Sedimentary rocks means recycled rocks made of fragments most ... Read More »
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