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The Mexican Revolution ended the military regime of the dictator Porfirio Diaz. Major political, economic and social reforms were subsequently established in the...

Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution (Spanish: Revolución mexicana) was a major armed struggle ca. 1910–20 that radically transformed Mexican politics and society.

The Mexican Revolution | History Today

The Mexican Revolution began as a movement of middle-class protest against the long-standing dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz (1876-1911). Like many of Mexico's  ...

The Mexican Revolution: November 20th, 1910 | EDSITEment

The year 2010 marked the centennial (El Centenario) of the Mexican Revolution, an uprising that took place roughly between 1910 and 1920, recognized as the ...
There were some factories, but the basis of the economy was still mostly in agriculture and mining. Today, there are few scars left from the revolution itself, and Mexican schoolchildren may not even recognize the names of minor players in the conflict such as Felipe A... More »
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Find out more about the history of Mexican Revolution, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

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The Mexican Revolution was a complex and bloody conflict which arguably spanned two decades, and in which 900,000 people lost their lives. What was the  ...

Faces of the Revolution : The Storm That Swept Mexico : PBS

Learn about the characters in the film. Find out what they fought for, who they fought with, and how they affected the Mexican Revolution.

The Mexican Revolution, 1910 to 1917 - Macrohistory

In the year 1910, people in Mexico were discontented. Three-fifths of the population were Indian, and they had been losing traditional lands to whites. During the ...

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The Mexican Revolution broke out in 1910 when the decades-old rule of President Porfirio Díaz was challenged by Francisco I. Madero, a reformist writer and ...

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Q: What caused the Mexican Revolution?
A: Answer i think the Mexican Revolution was caused by the need of "Democracy" the low class was feeling the oppresion of Diaz and decided to help Madero in his ra... Read More »
Q: Who is the Leader of mexican revolution?
A: Francisco Madero Read More »
Q: What is Mexican Revolution ?
A: For more information on Mexican Revolution, visit Read More »
Q: When is Mexican revolution?
A: The Mexican Revolution was a major armed struggle that started in 1910, with an uprising Read More »
Q: When is the anniversary of the mexican revolution?
A: November 20th marks the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of Read More »