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The Nara period (奈良時代, Nara jidai) of the history of Japan covers the years from AD 710 to 794. Empress Genmei established the capital of Heijō-kyō ...

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(ad 710–784), in Japanese history, period in which the imperial government was at Nara, and Sinicization and Buddhism were most highly developed. Nara, the ...

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This epoch of Japanese history is known as the Nara Period. Heijo-kyo was built after the government passed legislation in 701 to concentrate and centralize its ...

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Building a National Archives, Milestones, National Archives History. ... Federal Records Centers, Presidential Libraries, the Federal Register, and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. ... archives.historian@nara.gov .

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Jun 17, 2015 ... The Nara Period (奈良時代 Nara jidai) is the historical period beginning in 710, the year the capital was moved from Fujiwarakyō to Heijōkyō ...



Nara is closely modelled on the T'ang capital at Xi'an; the fashion for all things Chinese is now at its peak. So is the influence of Buddhism.

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The Nara Period (奈良時代) of the History of Japan covers the years from about 710 to 784 CE. The Empress Gemmei established the capital at Nara, also ...

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Japan's first historical epoch–the Asuka period, named for the area near Nara where the court resided–coincides with the introduction of Buddhism into the ...

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Sep 15, 2015 ... The Impact of China and Buddhism on Japanese art during the Asuka and Nara Period. PREV PART: Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun ...

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The beauty and integrity of Nara's 8th century architecture is the result of cautious highway construction policies that take history seriously.

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Jun 9, 2002 ... About the Nara and Heian periods of Japan's history (710 - 1185).

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Our Story. How the National Archives Evolved Over 75 Years of Change and Challenges. By James Worsham. Timeline of Archives history, by Benjamin ...

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