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The Nara period (奈良時代, Nara jidai) of the history of Japan covers the years from AD 710 to 794. Empress Genmei established the capital of Heijō-kyō ...

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Jul 12, 2015 ... (ad 710–784), in Japanese history, period in which the imperial government was at Nara, and Sinicization and Buddhism were most highly ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... The Nara Period (奈良時代 Nara jidai) is the historical period beginning in 710, the year the capital was moved from Fujiwarakyō to Heijōkyō ...

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Nara Period. 645-794. During the Nara period the power and influence of Buddhism grew. The Japanese constructed many temples to accommodate the ...

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Jun 9, 2002 ... About the Nara and Heian periods of Japan's history (710 - 1185).

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Yamato Period (300-550) & Asuka Period (550-710). Nara Period (710-794) ... May 749, Shōmu moves his residence to Yakushiji in Nara, but retains the title of  ...

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In this article, Martin Colcutt of Princeton University provides an introductory overview to the Nara and Heian periods of Japanese history.

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Contact with Tang Dynasty China increased during the Nara Period (710-784). Paintings and sculpture during the period came to be modeled closely on the ...

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The traditional dates for the second Nara period are 710-784. The first is the date of the move to the new state and the last is the date of the move to Heiankyo.

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Doctrines, The six schools of Nara Buddhism , introduced into Japan during the ... Nara still contains a number of ancient buildings dating from this period.

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The Nara period ( 奈良時代, Nara-jidai) of the history of Japan covers the years from ... During the Nara period, the power and influence of Buddhism in Japan ...

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Japan's first historical epoch–the Asuka period, named for the area near Nara where the court resided–coincides with the introduction of Buddhism into the ...

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The Nara Period (奈良時代) of the History of Japan covers the years from about 710 to 784 CE. The Empress Gemmei established the capital at Nara, also ...