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The Navajo are a Native American people of the Southwestern United States. After the ..... The clan system is exogamous: people must date and marry partners outside their own clans, which for this p...

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Aug 27, 2001 ... A listing of the Navajo Clans, spelled in Navajo, with its English meaning; The Navajo Clanship System, and the origin of the Navajo Clans.

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DINÉ CLANSHIP SYSTEM. Kinyaa'aanii (13) - Towering House People. Related Clans: Dzil t'aadnii - Near the Mountain Clan. Azee'tsoh Dine'é - Big Medicine ...

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Kinyaa'áanii/Kiyaa'áanii The Towering House clan (Original Clan) Dzi ł t'aadi Near the Mountain clan 'Azee'tsoh dine'é The Big Medicine People clan


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CLANS. CLAN RELATIONSHIP GROUP 1. CLAN RELATIONSHIP GROUP 5. Kinyaa'áanii/Kiyaa'áanii. The Towering House Clan. Tábą ą há. Water's Edge ...

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DOONE'E (CLANS). CLAN RELATIONSHIP GROUP 1. Kinyaa'aanii/Kiyaa'aanii The Towering House Clan (Original Clan). Dzi l t'aadi Near the Mountain Clan.

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The Navajo people have a kinship system that follows the lineage of the women. After the four original clans were established by Changing Woman , women ...

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Apr 22, 2013 ... The Diné society is based primarily upon kinship arising from clan ... Clans. It is very important for a person to know K'e – The Kinship System.

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Apr 12, 2012 ... I am tackling a difficult subject to talk about, probably the hardest topic I've chosen to discuss... the Navajo Clan System (Ádóone'é Jilí̜nígíí).

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Clans When a Navajo baby is born, he or she belongs to the clan of the mother. .... Tribe has grown to it present system of about 70 or 80 different Navajo Clans.