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Nudibranchs /ˈnjuːdᵻbræŋk/ are a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage. They are noted for their ...

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Toxic nudibranchs—soft, seagoing slugs—produce a brilliant defense.

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The bottom-dwelling, jelly-bodied nudibranch (NEW-dih-bronk) might seem an unlikely canvas for Mother Nature to express her wildest indulgences of color and  ...

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Nudibranchs are invertebrates from the Phylum Mollusca, which major groups are clams (Class Bivalvia), squid and octopus (Class Cephalopoda) and snail and ...

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Nudibranchs crawl through life as slick and naked as a newborn. Snail kin whose ancestors shrugged off the shell millions of years ago, they are just skin, ...

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Nudibranchs, meaning “naked gills” consist of soft-bodied sea slugs and are members of the class Gastropoda in the phylum Mollusca. The majority of the ...

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Web-based identification tool for nudibranchs worldwide using photographs as the first point of identification. It is underpinned by up to date scientific ...

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You Are What You Eat. People who say this don't mean that if you eat a carrot, you will have carrots growing out of your skin. But the little creatures called ...

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What do nudibranchs eat? How do nudibranchs reproduce? Learn more about these fascinating sea slugs that live in all the world's oceans.

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Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification by Terrence Gosliner, Angel Valdes and David Behrens.

[noo-duh-brangk, nyoo-]
a shell-less, marine snail of the suborder Nudibranchia, having external, often branched respiratory appendages on the back and sides.
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