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OMERS: The myOMERS Retirement Income Estimator Can Help ...


Or, is retirement still a long way off and you're curious about your future OMERS pension? Use the myOMERS online Retirement Income Estimator to: Find out ...

Supplemental Plan - How the Plan is Calculated: “Best Four” - omers


This benefit replaces the “best five” earnings used to calculate the pension for the period of supplemental service. (In most cases, this increases the pension.) ...

OMERS: Members - Your Options When Leaving


The commuted value of your OMERS Plan pension is the estimated amount of money you would have to put aside today, to grow with tax-sheltered investment  ...

OMERS: Members - Estimating Your Retirement Income


OMERS will provide you with a pension when you retire, but this won't be your only ... How much will my retirement income be, including my OMERS pension?

OMERS - Wikipedia


OMERS, officially the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, is a pension fund created by statute in 1962 to handle the retirement benefits of local  ...

OMERS: Members - Plan Overview


Your OMERS Pension ... portable to many public sector plans; is a defined benefit (DB) pension plan that pays ... How Much Do I Have to Contribute to OMERS?

OMERS Member Handbook


Your employer will also contribute an equal amount. These contributions will fund a portion of your pension. Investment earnings of the OMERS Fund will fund ...

OMERS: The Basics


If your normal retirement age is 65, you qualify for an unreduced pension at age 65, ... 3. The amount of your pension, if you retire early with a reduced pension.

OMERS: The Building Blocks of Your OMERS Pension


In addition to a lifetime pension, there is a bridge benefit that increases your OMERS ... pension from age 60;; will not be the same amount as your CPP pension.

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OMERS: Members - Estimating Your Retirement Income
Try OMERS Retirement Income Estimator to give you an idea of what your OMERS pension may be. You'll need your OMERS Pension Report or simply estimate ... Read More »
OMERS: The Basics
If your normal retirement age is 65, you can retire as early as age 55. ... Note: The formula to calculate retirement and disability pensions, inflation protection and ... Read More »
OMERS: Members - About myOMERS
Retirement Income Estimator. As a registered myOMERS member, you can use the myOMERS Retirement Income Estimator to calculate how much you might ... Read More »
OMERS: Pensions estimates in minutes through our secure member ...
May 21, 2010 ... "We encourage our members to sign up on myOMERS and use the Retirement Income Estimator for their retirement planning," says Ivana ... Read More »