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Oomycota or oomycetes form a distinct phylogenetic lineage of fungus-like eukaryotic microorganisms. They are filamentous, microscopic, absorptive organisms ...

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"Oomycota" means "egg fungi," and refers to the large round oogonia, or structures containing the female gametes, as shown in this picture of the common  ...



Members of the Oomycota (pronounce both o's as you would in the common expression 'oh oh!') are all distinguished by their production of oogonia and ...

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Aug 7, 2010 ... Oomycota is a phylum of filamentous protists containing over 500 species. The majority of these organisms are in the groups commonly known ...

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The Oomycota (or Peronosporomycetes) is a group that includes more than 800 species that may be saprobic or parasitic on terrestrial or aquatic plants and ...

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Illustrated outline of the classification and economic significance of the Chytridiomycota and Oomycota.

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There are two important phyla (divisions) of water molds, the chytrids ( Chytridiomycota) and the oomycetes (Oomycota). The chytrids live in salt- and freshwater ...



Feb 19, 2013 ... The life cycles of the Oomycota generally are eucarpic, but some may be holocarpic. Details of the life histories can best be seen in Figure 3, ...

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Oomycota are commonly known as water molds or downy mildews. Fish and plantations experience destruction due to these organisms.

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The Mycology Unit provides a definitive identification service on fungi and yeasts isolated from medical and veterinary clinical specimens. It also performs ...

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Phylum of fungi in the kingdom Chromista that is distinguished by its production of asexual reproductive cells, called zoospores. Zoospores move through the ...

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One of the groups of organisms that cause many serious plant diseases has long been known as the Oomycota or oomycetes, traditionally classified in the ...

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Oomycota. Division: Oomycota. The division Oomycota, unlike the Chytridiomycota, is a group of aquatic fungi that have cell walls composed of cellulose and a ...