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Sentence (linguistics)


In non-functional linguistics, a sentence is a textual unit consisting of one or more words that ... A sentence can also be defined purely in orthographic terms, as a group of words starting with a ...

Use orthography in a sentence | orthography sentence examples


How to use orthography in a sentence. Example sentences with the word orthography. orthography example sentences.

Use orthographic in a sentence | orthographic sentence examples


How to use orthographic in a sentence. Example sentences with the word orthographic. orthographic example sentences.

Orthography: In a Sentence - Words in a Sentence


Example sentences for Orthography. Read this page and learn how to use Orthography in a sentence.

OrthographicSentence (GOLD-2010)


An OrthographicSentence is a special type of orthographic phrase, usually representing a clause. In Western writing systems, an orthographic sentence is set off ...

Orthography: Definitions and Examples - Grammar & Composition


Orthography is (1) the practice or study of correct spelling; (2) the study of letters ... Effective Essays · English Grammar -- Parts of Speech -- Sentence Structures ...

orthography - definition of orthography in English | Oxford Dictionaries


the conventional spelling system of a language, Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

Orthography | Define Orthography at Dictionary.com


Orthography definition, the art of writing words with the proper letters, according to accepted usage; correct spelling. See more.

Orthography | Definition of Orthography by Merriam-Webster


Define orthography: the way in which the words of a language are spelled.

orthography - When a sentence starts with "e.g.", should the e be ...


Jun 1, 2011 ... For example is capitalized at the beginning of a sentence, so is its Latin equivalent exempli gratia, and so is its abbreviated form e.g. ...

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Orthography dictionary definition | orthography defined


or·thog·ra·phy. Use orthography in a sentence. LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST. noun. The definition of orthography is the practice of proper spelling, a way of ...

Orthography in a sentence - Answers.com


She took studied orthography to better understand the English language.

What is the best way to use 'orthography' in a sentence? - Quora


Jul 23, 2016 ... He also introduced innovations in orthography and grammar.