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Chamaedorea elegans, the neanthe bella palm or parlour palm, is species of small palm tree native to the rainforests in Southern Mexico and Guatemala.

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Easy to care for, Parlor Palm is one of the few types of palms that grows well in low light. Find out how to care for this popular house plant.

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Product Description. PALM: Palms are one of the most documented and most studied plants in ...
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Nov 17, 2015 ... The parlor palm is the quintessential houseplant - the proof is right in the name. Growing a parlor palm tree indoors is ideal because it grows ...

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Aug 31, 2015 ... By Bonnie L. Grant. One of the great classic plants from the 1800's is the parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans), closely related to the bamboo ...

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The parlor palm has been used as indoor plant in the United States for at least 30 years. This attractive little plant was first discovered in Central America and ...

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The parlor palm makes a super addition to any space, especially indoors. Named as such because it thrives in low, indirect lighting making it perfect for parlors ...

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Sep 17, 2013 ... Fertilizer: The Parlor Palm needs more fertilizer than most indoor palms. Feed monthly in spring and summer with a slow-release fertilizer.

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Sep 27, 2012 ... I fertilize palms with time-release, '3-months' Palm fertilizer, called Palm-Tone. ..... I have a parlor palm that I am also having problems with.

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Parlor Palm. Additional Common Names: Miniature Fish Tail Dwarf Palm, Good Luck Palm, Bamboo Palm. Scientific Name: Chamaedorea elegans.

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Basic plant care information for the Parlor Palm (Chamaedora elegans) plant.

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The Parlor or Parlour Palm sometimes going by Chamaedorea elegans or Neanthe bella is a good houseplant for many places in the home because it adapts ...

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Easy to grow: Parlor palm tree's are quite an easy plant to grow and care for, which makes them suitable for those new to growing indoors. They tolerate low light ...