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In politics, a partisan is a committed member of a political party. In multi-party systems, the term is used for politicians who strongly support their party's policies  ...

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Partisan definition, an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance. See more.

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partisan. If something is prejudicial towards a particular point of view, you can call it partisan. You'll often hear of the partisan politics in the U.S.— since ...

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1 : a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance. 2 a : a member of a body of ...

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2A member of an armed group formed to fight secretly against an occupying force , in particular one operating in German-occupied Yugoslavia, Italy, and parts of ...

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Drama · Alexander, a boy who has been raised in a sequestered commune, finds that his ... Photos. Vincent Cassel in Partisan (2015) Jeremy Chabriel in Partisan (2015) · 16 photos | 2 videos | 100 news articles ». Learn more ...

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partisan meaning, definition, what is partisan: strongly supporting a person, principle, or political party, often without considering or…. Learn more.

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From French partisan, from Italian partigiano (“defender of a party”), from parte (“part”). English from the mid-16th century. The sense of "guerilla fighter" is from ...

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A fervent, sometimes militant supporter or proponent of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea. 2. A member of an organized body of fighters who attack or ...

[pahr-tuh-zuhn, -suhn; British pahr-tuh-zan]
an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance.
Military. a member of a party of light or irregular troops engaged in harassing an enemy, especially a member of a guerrilla band engaged in fighting or sabotage against an occupying army.
of, relating to, or characteristic of partisans; partial to a specific party, person, etc.: partisan politics.
of, relating to, or carried on by military partisans or guerrillas.
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