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Classification of Buying Motives: Product Buying and Patronage Buying! Buying motive is the urge or motive to satisfy a desire or need that makes people buy ...


Emotional Patronage Buying Motives of Consumers. Emotional patronage motives depend upon the mentality of consumers. Customers become attached to a ...


In patronage buying motive, the customer builds loyalty over the product due to his preference over the product on account of the trust or belief that he has over ...


Jan 31, 2014 ... SECONDARY BUYING MOTIVE: PATRONAGE PATRONAGE MOTIVES Particular Place Special Discount Present Price Decoration Behav.


CONSUMER. BUYING. MOTIVES. There are five major buying motives: physical, psychological, rational, emotional, product, and patronage. Locate a magazine ...


In fact, the motivating factor to direct consumer behavior is buying motives. ... due to emotional motive, rational motive, prestige motive and patronage motive.


Mar 15, 2011 ... Buying motives are psychological, not logical”. ... Patronage motives speak of the choice of a particular person, a shopkeeper or an outlet for ...


Keywords - Patronage buying motives ;coffee shop. I. INTRODUCTION. Shopping activities in an effort to meet the needs of life motivated by different reasons.


Citation: Ugur Yavas, (2001) "Patronage motives and product purchase patterns: a ... consumer buying trends and make necessary adjustments to its tenant mix.


Explanation should include the types of buying motives of consumers and businesses ... Customers with patronage buying motives are concerned with services, ...