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Payback Period Calculator


Free online calculators give out payback period, discounted payback period, average return, and schedules of investments based on either steady or irregular  ...

Payback Period


The calculation of the Payback Period is best illustrated with an example. Consider Capital Budgeting project A which yields the following cash flows over its five ...

How do you calculate the payback period? | AccountingCoach


The payback period is calculated by counting the number of years it will take to recover the ... Note that the payback calculation uses cash flows, not net income.

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This payback calculator provides you with both simple payback and discounted payback ... This is the cash flow, or money, that you receive in each time period.

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Calculate the payback period of the two machines using the above cash flows and decide which new machine Newco should accept. Assume the maximum ...

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Apr 27, 2010 ... How to Calculate Payback Period Formula in 6 min. ... 12.5% depreciation and 50% before tax. calculate pay back period. help meeeee!! i'm so ...

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Learn more about calculating the payback period in the Boundless open textbook .

Payback Period Formula | Examples | Advantages and Disadvantages


The formula to calculate payback period of a project depends on whether the cash flow per period from the project is even or uneven. In case they are even, the ...

Discounted Payback Period Calculation | Formula | Examples


Discounted payback period is a variation of payback period which accounts for time value of money by discounting the cash inflows from a project.

Payback method - formula, example, explanation, advantages ...


If the payback period of a project computed by the above formula is shorter .... When calculating Net annual cash inflow should one include the interest rate in ...

How to Calculate Payback Period
The payback period is the time it takes for a project to recover its investment expenditures. For example, a set of solar panels may be essentially free to operate from month to month, but the initial cost is high. It may take years or even decades to... More »
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Payback Period Calculator - Capital Budgeting


Online finance calculator to calculate the capital budgeting payback period time.

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The payback period formula is used to determine the length of time it will take to recoup the initial amount invested on a project or investment. The payback ...

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An investment with a shorter payback period is considered to be better, since the investor's initial outlay is at risk for a shorter period of time. The calculation used ...