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any fungus of the genus Penicillium, certain species of which are used in cheesemaking and as the source of penicillin.
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Penicillium is a genus of ascomycetous fungi of major importance in the natural environment as well as food and drug production. Some members of the genus ...

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Penicillium Mold Information: Information on the growth patterns, allergy and health-related effects, and toxicity of Penicillium.



Species of Penicillium are recognized by their dense brush-like spore-bearing structures called penicilli (sing.: penicillus). The conidiophores are simple or ...

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Aug 7, 2010 ... Penicillium are comparable to Aspergillus. The genus Penicillium falls into the order Eurotiales. In this order, organisms produce asci within ...

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May 26, 2012 ... Penicillium chrysogenum is the most common Penicillium species in indoor environment. It is widespread and has a wide range of habitats.

Penicillium chrysogenum (aka P. notatum), the natural source for the ...


The name Penicillium comes from the resemblance of the conidiophore of the fungus to a paintbrush-- penicillus is the Latin word for paintbrush. Penicillium is a ...

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Aug 25, 2014 ... Penicillium, genus of blue or green mold fungi (kingdom Fungi) that exists as asexual forms (anamorphs, or deuteromycetes). Those species for ...

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In Penicillium, phialides may be produced singly, in groups or from branched metulae, giving a brush-like appearance known as a penicillus. The penicillus may ...

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Aw=0.78-0.86 (minimum for various species). Microscopically Penicillium species are identified by their dense broom-like spore-bearing structures (penicillin, ...

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Q: What is Penicillium ?
A: For more information on Penicillium, visit Britannica.com. Read More »
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Q: What is penicillium.
A: Penicillium:1:genus of fungi commonly growing as green or blue molds on decaying food; used in making cheese and as a source of Read More »
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Q: How does penicillium move?
A: It doesn't move. Read More »
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Q: What shape is penicillium?
A: Oval. Read More »
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Q: Why is penicillium classified as deuteromycota.
A: Penicillium is classified in the phylum Deuteromycota, because researchers have yet to observe a sexual phase in the species. Read More »
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