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British sailors boarding an Algerine pirate ship and battling the pirates; colored engraving by John Fairburn (1793–1832). French pirate Jacques de Sores looting and burning Havana in 1555. Pi...

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The vessel of choice for these pirates in the early days was the galley, whose oars allowed them to overtake merchant vessels caught in light wind. But as time  ...

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Pirate ships could be almost any floating thing for pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries, but the most desirable pirate ships were swift, well-armed, and nimble  ...

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Names for pirate ships and similar vessels. Other generators you may like: Ship Names ... Etc etc etc, it isn't hard to come up with a pirate ship name. A lot of ...

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Apr 27, 2009 ... While the most successful captains in pirate lore commanded ships that were smaller, faster, and less ornate than Disney's fictitious Black Pearl ...

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Of all the tools of the piracy trade, a good pirate ship was probably the most important.

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A brigantine was a medium-sized vessel with two masts. Brigantines were favoured by pirates because they were fast and easy to control. They could sail in .

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The Galleon was the ship of the line for its day. However it served the dual purpose of being both a Man-O-War and also a treasure/merchant ship. In the Golden ...

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Find out which pirate ships were most famous in history of piracy.

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Basic introduction of the most parts of every ship including a parts of the typical pirate ship.

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Pirate website on pirate ships and there crews, mainly during the golden age of piracy,

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A sloop was an extremely common pirate ship. Sloops were fast ships, designed to easily traverse the Atlantic and carry goods and cargo and an increased rate.

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2 days ago ... Infamous pirate ships from the Golden Age of Piracy made a big impression on the world. Here we list and discuss the famous pirate ship ...