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Human migration is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently in the new location.

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Why do people migrate? What are the causes of migration? These can be explained by the Push and Pull factors of migration. More here.

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Push factors come in many forms. Sometimes these factors leave people with no choice but to leave their country of origin. Below are three examples of push ...

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Jan 9, 2016 ... Migration Push and Pull Factors/ Global Migration Patterns Migration can be defined as a form of relocation diffusion (the spread of ideas, ...

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Find EXAMPLES of Push and Pull factors of Immigration to America for kids. List of Push and Pull factors of Immigration to America. Economic, political ...

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography on migration trends - push and pull factors, emigration and immigration and different patterns of ...

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There are many economic, social and physical reasons why people emigrate and they can usually be classified into push and pull factors.

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Pull and Push Factors of Migration: A Case Study in the Urban. Area of Monywa Township, Myanmar. By Kyaing Kyaing Thet. Abstract: Migration is a global ...

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Following are three examples of push factors driving people to emigrate from their home country. Lack of Jobs/Poverty: Economics provides the main reason ...

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Push factors are the circumstances that make a person want to leave. Don't have a job? Treated badly by your government? Lose all of your crops in a drought?

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A definition of the geography term push-pull factors, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

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Noun[edit]. push factor (plural push factors). A factor that encourages one to leave one's current home, region, country, organization, or religion. [quotations ▽ ].