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A consul was the highest elected political office of the Roman Republic, and the consulship ..... In the next month, the consuls would switch roles with one another . This would continue until the en...

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Consul, Latin Consul, plural Consules, in ancient Rome, either of the two ... role in Roman Republic (in Roman Republic (ancient state [509 bc-27 bc]): The early  ...

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The Roman republic was led by two Consuls who were joint heads of ... The main role of consuls was to prepare and propose new laws.

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Oct 10, 2011 ... Could they hold another office simultaneously? Not another magistrate office in the ... The consuls performed the exact same role and had the power to veto one another. While in the Eternal City, they were diplomats and ...

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Roman cursus honorum ... it was quite exceptional when a man like Cicero, who did not come from a noble family, was elected consul). ... crucial role played by Senate, which was composed solely of ex-magistrates, was the only permanent ...

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Roman Magistrates: Consuls, Tribunes, Praetors, Censors and Aediles. ... A further role of the Censor was the commissioning of public works. A famous Censor ...

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Consuls - At the top of the Roman Republic was the consul. The consul was a very powerful position. In order to keep the consul from becoming a king or dictator ...

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This page details the roles and responsibilities of the Magistrate, the Quaestor ... Besides two Quaestors who always remained at Rome, every Consul or Praetor ...

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At the head of the senate were two consuls. The Consuls controlled the legions of Rome. A senator was selected by the Consuls and remained a senator for life.

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Consul definition, an official appointed by the government of one country to look after its ... either of the two chief magistrates of the ancient Roman republic. 3.

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Jun 23, 2014 ... This passing does not diminish the role of the consul during the Republic. Rome was able to make the successful transition from a king to a ...

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Consuls were the chief civil and military magistrates, elected through the assemblies by popular vote. Two annually elected consuls convened the senate and ...

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Learn about the ancient Roman political prize known as the position of consul.